• 1940: The Grapette Company begins selling Grapette soda.

  • 1944: Grapette soda is sold internationally, specifically in Central and South America.

  • 1947: Orangette soda becomes available.
  • 1950: Grapette soda is produced by more than 300 bottlers in 42 states, with sales exceeding the combined sales of all other grape flavored soft drinks.
  • 1962: Grapette International, Inc. organized to handle franchising and sales overseas. In addition to Latin America, sales eventually expand to Caribbean and Pacific Rim countries.
  • 1970: The Grapette Company is sold. Grapette International, Inc. maintains production and use of the original formulas.

  • 1977: Through series of acquisitions, the Grapette brand becomes controlled by the manufacturer of rival Nu-Grape.
  • 1980s: Derived from the original Grapette Company formulas, Grapette International begins producing franchise-quality soft drink flavors for other brands.
  • 1993: Wal-Mart selects flavors by Grapette International to use in some of the Sam's Choice signature brand of soft drinks.

  • 2000: Grapette International re-acquires Grapette and Orangette trademarks, reuniting the formulas with their brand names.

  • 2004: Sam's Choice Grapette and Sam's Choice Orangette become available exclusively in Wal-Mart.

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